Free Endowment Mortgage Misselling Information

If you are one of the millions of endowment policy holders who believes they may be facing a endowment mortgage shortfall you should consider applying for mortage shortfall compensation. There are specialist endowment mortgage compensation companies throughout the UK that will work on a "no win no fee" basis, this may be your best chance or reclaiming any lost money.

The government have suggested that up to 80% of the endowment policies currently in force are likely to face a shortfall. The FSA still believe that 700,000 policy holders have still to claim for compensation. These people need to act as soon as possible in order to get any compensation.

If you have recieved your "red letter" then you must apply for comensation within 3 years of the date the letter was sent, otherwise the insurer is allowed to ignore any complaints.

Due to FSA restrictions your insurer is unable to give you advice within the endowment shortfall letter. The best way to get free advice is to visit the FSA website and read their advice booklet.

If you have recieved one of these letters, do not panic, first of all read the FSA advice guide and then contact a specialist endowment compensation firm.

Endowment Mortgage Misselling

It is believed that up to 60% of endomwent policies were missold, and that the guidelines for complaining were not clearly set out. You should contact the company who sold you the endowment policy immediatly if you are in any doubt. Of all the compensation claims made approximatly 40% are usually succesful for the endowment policy holder.

Mortgage is commonly mispelt as: mortage, morgage, mortgag, morgag